MVS ACMEI PVT LTD is the fastest growing condition monitoring and reliability maintenance services & consulting organization in India, Middle East and South East Africa.
It has become a household name across top customers in various segments like oil & gas, power generation, petro chemicals, steel & metals, mines & minerals, cement, paper and other process industries.
MVS ACMEI is the only company in the world to integrate advanced technology, trained and certified expert analyst in ASNT & ISO category Level-I, Level-II and Level-III and a delivery model that provides plant manager with equipment health condition and coreection advice which ensures machine uptime and reduce total maintenance spent with improved machine safety, health and environment.
MVS ACMEI has more than 200 plus analysts located across various regions to offer all condition monitoring services 24 x 7.

  • 3+ RCFA specialists with global expertise to solve critical system problems.
  • 5+ experienced trainers to offer onsite vibration, oil, infrared thermography and MCSA training programmes
  • 5+ Analysts with 20+ years experience in Power, Metals , Oil & Gas , Paper, Cement , Sugar & Petro chemicals with ISO, ASNT Level III certification.
  • 25+ ISO/ASNT CAT II Vibration Analysts with 10+ years experience in Similar Industry.
  • 220+ engineers for data collection, analysis and correction engineers located across India, Middle East and South East Asia.

  • On site technical expertise is one of the best in India
  • Learning and Applying new technologies for early detection of the problems
  • We offer correction services like balancing, laser alignment, and turbo-machine repair.
  • Focus on solving Problems & Measuring benefits
  • Network of Consultants to solve the Industry Problems
  • RCFA / FEA / Structural / CFD analysis

  • We bring accountability & Measurement to Key Performance Indicators
    • Separate good from bad
    • Knowing ahead - How Many ?
    • Action Notes status
    • Savings – KPIS
  • We improve Plant / Equipment Performance, Reliability & Life of equipment / assets
  • Have more than 220 Analysts & Engineers with expertise to serve the various Industries

  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable, scalable programs
  • Access to world-class expertise
  • Proven technology
  • Web-based reporting
  • High ROI
  • Delivered Program Management

Continuous Innovation & Integration

MVS ACMEI is the leader and your most responsive service provider of predictive maintenance analytical services and products that align with customers’ high standards for reliability, availability and uptime

MVS ACMEI On-site Integrated Reliability Maintenance & Condition monitoring Services utilizes advanced & latest technology to identify the faults at early stage and deploys expert analysts to pin point the causes of the faults and advises corrections to bring the Reliability in to Maintenance .

MVS ACMEI's flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic instruments and software and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable and cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs. The company’s offerings enable customers to implement comprehensive, predictive maintenance programs that ensure asset availability and maximize productivity and Reduce Total maintenance Spent

MVS ACMEI’s On-Site Reliability Services offer Organization and plant level customers outstanding value:

  • Unmatched expertise – Put your machine data in front of the most talented and experienced machine condition analysts
  • Sustainable programs – No longer does your program success depend on an individual’s performance, level of expertise or availability
  • Cost savings – Integrated Reliability Services typically cost less than operating in-house programs and Focused to Optimize Total Maintenance Spent
  • Instantly accessible information – You’ll get current health status and actionable recommendations and data immediately available via daily , weekly and monthly reports
  • Program success – Structured processes and dedicated program managers enhance the expertise of MVS ACMEI’s skilled analysts, ensuring that your program will thrive
  • Global Reach – MVS ACMEI has reach through global partners, offering you a expert resource that can capture common equipment failure modes and systemic problems that span some or all of your plants
  • 24/7 expert monitoring – Your critical equipment can be monitored by MVS ACMEI’s experts around the clock with Onsite & Remote monitoring service
  • Machine critical care – When an important machine is in trouble, but must be kept in operation, our portable online systems can be deployed so that our remote experts can closely monitor its status until it can be secured for repairs
  • Benefit from all CBM technologies – We apply the right technologies to assess the condition of your critical equipment; vibration, oil analysis, infrared thermography, reciprocating compressor analysis and motor/ battery testing.