Continuous Monitoring

Continuous, Intelligent Vibration Monitoring - From now on, permanent vibration monitoring is no longer a question of price...

Condition Monitoring India

Easy to install, permanent safe mounting and free software - the ACMEI On line system uses powerful electronics where space is extremely restricted. Each system continuously monitors machine condition, automatically evaluates data & alerts you when damage begins to occur.

More than a vibration monitoring system that not only detects vibration data, but also carries out signal analysis and machine diagnosis directly on the machine use both digital and 4-20ma signals. The machine condition is determine and is forwarded directly to the controllers or to SCADA software.

The ACMEI On line vibration monitoring system’s compatibility with data structures such as the OPC interface makes it possible to integrate condition data into a higher level system - directly into the site PLC, SAP PM, etc.

Online Diagnosis

Permanent online diagnosis of machines and equipment - the basis for a condition monitoring strategy. The integrated online analysis with up to 24 diagnostic characteristics makes it possible to check the conditions of monitored components at an early stage, so that unplanned failures are avoided.

Maintenance becomes manageable without influencing the total availability of plant. Condition characteristics such as bearing damage, unbalance, alignment or cavitation enable a differentiated evaluation of mechanical stress - the basis for selective maintenance. All data can be transferred as binary signals or via an open data standard (OPC) to a higher level system.

Permanent Machine Protection

The permanent real time monitoring of vibration characteristics as well as the integrated alarm interface (switching contacts / analogue signals) enable machines to be shut down before serious consequential damages arise. Turn-off times of up to 10 ms can be realized. Different alarm outputs also allow sliding and differentiated alarms to the PLC level. (Green / yellow / red)

Root Cause Analysis

If a failure or damage occurs the integrated trend memory makes it possible to precisely trace the damage development and its possible causes. The trending of condition characteristics and damage development are already stored in the units. This also applies to external influences such as crash, overheating, over-pressure with real-time stamp. Up to two different input signals in addition to the vibration sensors can be connected, monitored and logged.

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