Remote Data Analysis

'Get an Expert Onboard' with ACMEI's Remote Support Packages & get access to the help you need - when you need it, to get the best out of your Condition Monitoring & Maintenance activities.

Condition Monitoring India

  • Telephone Technical Support Helpline linking to ACMEI's Condition Monitoring specialists
  • Desktop Control Support - enable ACMEI's analysts to log onto your PC Desktop over the Internet and assist with real-time data analysis
  • Personalized password-login Company mini-website
  • Access to over 300 Technical Reference Documents & Application Papers, via the Technical Resource Library
  • Online Novameter Vibration Training Programme
  • Access to the Online Oil Diagnostic Manual - a comprehensive Oil Analysis Tool
  • Personalized Discussion Boards
  • Case Studies pages to record your condition monitoring success stories, troubleshoots and technical guides

ACMEI’s Online Vibration Training provides a detailed Training Programme for Vibration Analysts, combining the science of Vibration theory with practical, industrial Vibration Monitoring and Analysis.

Featuring detailed description, animations, diagrams and spectral plots - the Training Manual covers all the characteristics of Vibration, equipment selection, database set-up and data plots.

ACMEI is the ideal Training Resource for Beginner & Intermediate Vibration Analysts alike - it is currently being used by University of Portugal's Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as a training support aid for their MSc Maintenance Engineering students.