Diesel Fuel Analysis

Vibration Analysis is a predictive maintenance method which allows early problem detection in rotating machinery, such as: Turbines, generators, mills, gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, pumps, mixers, driers - in fact, almost any type of active machinery.

Condition Monitoring India

Diesel fuel quality is essential to proper and cost efficient engine operation. Long term storage and transfer of fuels can result in contamination. ACMEI can provide the information needed to help maintain the highest level of engine performance. ACMEI has kits that contain a variety of tests to evaluate the condition of your diesel fuel. We also provide a la carte services. We strongly suggest calling our laboratory with your situation and we will provide you with recommendations on the tests you may need.

Listed below is a partial list of diesel fuel testing services provided:

  • Sulfur
  • Cetane
  • API
  • Cloud Point
  • Pour Point
  • Bacteria
  • Water
  • Sediment
  • Flash Point
  • Particulates
  • Cold Filter Plug