ACMEI is the only Indian condition monitoring company to combine advanced technology, expert analysis and a delivery module that provides plant managers with products, knowledge and training they need to ensure machinery uptime and reduced O & M spent.

ACMEI offers the following test equipment

Vibration Monitoring both portable and online
Laser Alignment & Balancing kits
Motor testing instruments
Oil testing instruments
Accelerometers, Vibration Module system both off-line
Online junction boxes, cables & related accessories.
Ultrasonic Leak detection bearing inspection kits.
Oil sampling tests.
Laser alignment shims etc.

Vibration Measuring Instruments and Accessories

Vibration Meter CM21

New Portable vibrometer CM-21 features a stethoscope, thermoter and tachometer and is designed for periodic monitoring of indstrial equipment in accordance with Standard ISO 10816. Vibration CM-21 is the perfect solution for crawler or operator, as it combines the reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

Vibration Analyser DC22, DC21

2 channel general purpose vibration analyser and data collector

Mobile monitoring system SMD-4M

SMD-4M - a new class of compact portable and bench systems for continuous monitoring of a wide range of vibration parameters and current, determining the state of the equipment.

Dream Software

Software for condition monitoring, automatic diagnostics and condition prediction.

Vibration Meter AVD-3P

Our organization specializes in offering a wide range of vibration meters to our clients. These are based on advanced technology and help to measure vibrations of machines in order to detect which machines are out of balance. Our range is highly appreciated by our clients for easy installation and durability. Further, it gives immediate results about the condition of the machines.

Online Vibration Monitoring Unit

RVSM01 - Online Vibration Monitoring unit, it can give buffer output as well as 4-20mA output.

Junction Box

Weather protected Junction Box S: 6 points, 8 points, 12 points, 16 points.

Vibration Accessories

100 mV/g sensors are designed for monitoring areas with limited space. The general purpose accelerometer is ideal for monitoring machine vibration on a wide range of rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, fans, compressors, turbines and generators. A316L stainless steel casing provides rugged durability for most extreme environments. The sensing element is housed in a case-isolated Faraday shield, providing maximum protection from ground loops and RF interference.

Vibration Sensor Accelerometer
Top Exit 780B WILCOXON Model
Sensitivity 100mV/g +/-10%

Vibration Sensor Accelerometer
Side Exit 787 B WILCOXON Model
Sensitivity 100mV/g +/-10%


Stainless steel pre-cut shims: the alignment time saver

Calibration Kits

Online vibration industrial sensors are used at inaccessible areas and cooling towers, important locations like process machinery in paper industry, cement industry, power sectors, glass industry, food processing industry and varies other industries.

Vibration Modular Systems
Modular systems that can convert to 4-20mA connected to DCS units are control systems.

Switches, Connection & Junction Boxes.
Junction boxes for intermediate measurements.

Cables Assemblies & connectors
Cables & connectors referring the location temperature according to choice of material.

Motor testing and MSCA analysis Instruments and its Accessories

ACME offers most advanced Predictive maintenance testing & trouble shooting tools for AC motors, DC Motors, Coils, Windings, Transformers Generators from All-Test Pro USA. Application include AC/DC Motors, Transmission & Distributor transformers, Machine tool.

De energized Motor Testing Products

All-Test Pro 5™

Significantly increase you plant’s profitability with The AT5™ motor circuit analyzer, which offers a complete electric motor health analysis in minutes.

All-Test IV Pro™

The handheld ALL-TEST IV PRO™ (ATIV™) is an excellent analytical instrument for detecting and trending potential winding faults in AC and DC motors, transformers (distribution and transmission), generators, alternators, and other devices with windings.

All-Test Pro 33 IND™

Two tests in one. The instrument can be used two modes: Static and Dynamic. Both quickly collect data in the auto mode and there is no need to operate a lot of difficult to understand buttons.

All-Test Pro 31™

The AT31™ will measure impedance (Z), phase angle (Fi), current/frequency response (I/F), insulation to ground resistance (500V or 1000V and measure to 500 meg-ohm), will perform a quick pass/fail rotor test (by turning the motor shaft), and will measure EMI

Energized Motor Testing Products

All-Test Pro On-line II™

ATPOL II™ is actually two instruments in one - a complete Motor Analyzer (ESA) and a complete Power Quality Analyzer (PQ).

All-Safe Pro®

The ALL-SAFE PRO® provides the signals necessary to determine a motor's condition with a minimum of risk, error and trouble.

Complete Motor testing Assemblies

All-Test Pro MD III™

The MD III™ Assembly includes all you need for complete energized and De-Energized Testing of Motors, Generators & Transformers. Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system.

All test Pro Professional system™

The ATPRO 5™ system combines the analytical and trending power of the hand-held ALL-TEST PRO 5™ and ALL-TEST PRO 31™ tools with the advanced analysis and motor management capabilities of the MCA PRO™ enterprise software.

Oil testing, Analysis & Lubrication Management Products & solutions

ACME offers Oil testing, Analysis & Lubrication Management Products & solutions for industry from TRICO Corporation USA include Gear Boxes, conversions, Electric motors, Hydraulic machines, Metal workings, Lube rooms.

Total lube & Oil Management. Testing and Analysis Products

Storage, Handling & identification

Oil Storage, handling, and identification are all critical to maintaining a world class lubrication management program. Trico's spectrum band is the newest, most cost effective system on the market today leveraging bulk storage systems, pumps, transfer containers, funnels and color coding systems to make your storage, handling, and ID a snap.

Constant level lubrication

Constant level oilers are designed to maintain predetermined oil level in a sump, which is necessary for proper lubrication. If the oil level drops below a certain point, the depleted oil automatically self levels based on the lubricator's volume. This adds the perfect amount of lubricant every time increasing efficiencies in the equipment and the scheduling of regularly scheduled maintenance. This result in lower cost of maintaining the machine as well as less repair and wear on critical parts.

Contamination control

Oil contamination control is key to maintaining the lubricating properties of your oil. Once water has entered the lubricant it can exist in the form of dissolved moisture, emulsification, or free water. Water damages your oil and subsequently the machine surfaces the oil is designed to protect. Filtration systems and filter-carts will remove contaminants from your oil. Desiccants and Dessicant breathers remove moisture and prevent moisture from entering the oil, the root cause of premature damage to oil and acceleration of wear in components. The filtration and desiccant products offered by Trico are of top quality, and protect equipment and oils from infiltration of contamination.

Central lubrication

Automatic and continuous pumps, fitting, line, positive displacement pumps, and manifolds.

Grease lubrication

Grease lubrication of moving parts is critical to protection of wear metals when oil is not thick enough. Grease also acts as a contamination barrier. There are several methods to apply grease to an application point. Single-point lubricators and multi-point lubrication systems work together to keep bearings and other moving parts lubricated properly.

Gravity feed oilers

Gravity feed oilers provide constant and reliable lubrication. Gravity feed systems work well in a number of industrial lubrication application and feature specific sizes and options for each. Oilers come with glass or plastic reservoirs and plating options to meet the needs for your lubricant type.

Oil testing Instruments

Oil Analysis lab instruments allow your organization to maintain oil analysis functions in-house. Ferrogram maker and direct reading ferrographs are used to position substrate for viewing and optically measure wear particles for ferrous materials. The Ferroscope and digital cameras are used to view wear particles for diagnosis and maintain records of the particles for tracking over time.

Ultrasonic leak Detectors

ACME offers Ultrasonic Leak Detection Products & Solutions for industry from SDT North America.

SDT270 Ultrasound Detector

The SDT270 is a portable ultrasound instrument for Reliability and PdM professionals. Sporting many firsts, the evolutionary instrument is changing the way you perform Predictive Maintenance.


An Economy Class Detector without compromise SDT200 helps you improve the overall health of your factory.

Ultranalysis Suite™ Software

Ultranalysis Suite is the most powerful ultrasound software ever written for PdM and Reliability Managers and has revolutionized the way we use ultrasound. Only UAS gives ultrasound inspectors the full power to create, collect, manage, and analyse their critical assets.


Ultrasonic is more than just another form of testing tightness. It offers a complete, global solution with unheard-of accuracy and reliability. Accuracy that has received Classification Society Type Approval. The only thing hose and chalk tests demonstrate is whether or not there is contact between the rubber packing and compression bar. Users get no idea of the actual compression. Ultrasonic testing is custom-made for maritime applications.